Frat houses, step shows, unlimited parties are just a small part of the world of Greek life. You have undergrads and alumnus, business owners and artists. You have your ladies man and the introverted sorority chick. You have seasoned veterans and persistent rookies. One thing that all of these individuals have in common? Erotic sensuality and romance that is heightened by the many advantages, pros, and cons of being in a Greek organization. Let’s take a look at these Greek organizations from a more personal and intimate level. In District 69: The Greek Chronicles, you get to see other levels and aspects to Greek men and women. The love, sex, romance, and drama that these characters go through, combined with the various twists and turns; comes to the forefront in the third installment of the District 69 series. Take a ride through the various intricacies and livelihoods of both the historically Caucasian and African-American fraternities and sororities. In this book, erotica is experienced at a different level with the different facets that comes with Greek life. You will experience firsthand sexual and romantic escapades while diving into the personalities and levels of Greek men and women, from various walks of life. Come get a glimpse into Greek life. This is a world and culture all its own!You will get to know a variety of different men and women of Greekdom. Some you are going to like, some you are going to hate. There will be some that you will desire. Through experiencing sensual escapades through their own eyes, hobbies, sexual urges, and point of views; you might learn something new. Or what you thought you knew may have totally changed.

“They say never judge a book by it’s cover, but the cover alone is tempting and the pages that follow are captivating!!! The author invites you to District 69 and it’s definitely a journey you won’t regret taking. From the very first word you are captured on an erotic adventure that you hope will never end. Ra’mone Marquis is truly gifted with words and truly knows how to take a real-life scenario and vividly paint a mental picture you don’t want to forget. District 69 is a book for all individuals and will surely not disappoint you. Whether you cuddling up on the couch on a lazy Saturday afternoon or enjoying a candlelight bubble bath with a glass of wine District 69 makes the perfect companion. I’ve taken the journey into the district and you should too!” – Shanae D.


Everyone loves a good journey; whether the ride is by ship, by plane or in a top down convertible. Wouldn’t it be nice to experience a journey that’s unforgettable, highly enjoyable and is right at your fingertips? Color guides you to your next destinations on the District 69 journey. Allow each of the sexually charged colors to provoke all five of your senses. District 69: The Color Haven is the next installment in the District 69 series. It continues to provide pure erotica for the soul. These collections of real life experiences, and the characters through whose eyes the experiences are provided, continues to provide you with excellent literary pleasures. In this installment; the love, romance, sex, and sensuality is at an all-time high. Welcome back fan favorites, Nate Morris and Nala Knighton. In District 69: The Crimson Edition, you got to know Nate Morris and all of his sexual dilemmas and desires. Briefly he gave us a glimpse into the woman behind the scintillating man; Ms. Nala Knighton, the love of his life. District 69: The Color Haven gives you a chance to experience this woman and all of her alluring, passionate, and unpredictable characteristics. Get ready to meet the new intriguing and stimulating characters: Erica Bullard, Antonette Hanson, Eli Ealy, and Karl Montgomery. Drama, comedy, and spontaneity takes these escapades to a much higher level. Rather this is your introduction or round two to District 69; get ready to enjoy uncensored and unchartered romance, sex, love, and sensuality that continues to cater to anyone.


“I was immediately intrigued about The Color Haven, after the Crimson Edition. I must admit I was curious to find out if Mr. Marquis could out do the real antics in the previous edition. Sure enough he does. Infamous for his straight to the gut writing style, Marquis finds ways to appeal to the sexual curiosities of all us. By expanding the sexual & erotic journey of the main characters, Nate & Nala, and adding new characters to the fold. While this is somewhat of a heavy read (to me), because of the subject matter, it proved to be a fast read. What I found interesting were how all the situations start from not so uncommon interactions & evolve into these full blown, random, sexual & erotic acts. The series has made me realize a lot about myself. Staring at the cover, reading the introduction, & wondering whether I want to jump in or not,then jumping in & wondering how I ever read anything like this.Ra’Mone Marquis has my full attention now. Everything about this book is dope!!! Can’t wait for the next edition.” – Kenyatta


An exploration of erotic journeys, that takes you into an enticing world of heated passion. Sexuality is something that should be celebrated not hindered. It should be nourished not inhibited. District 69: The Crimson Edition does just that. The book’s purpose is to simply have a good time; to show sexuality and erotica through the eyes of a young man. District 69: The Crimson Edition is an urban erotica experience that follows 3 sexy and diverse characters: Benjamin Mills, Isyss Symone and Nate Morris. All have acquired levels of achievement in various fields of life and each character will intimately talk to you through each of their “TRUE” sexual experiences.

“Reading District 69 The Greek Chronicles you can see the Ra’Mone Marquis desire to provide his readers and audience with an uncensored, educational, and unconstrained place to learn and express one’s individuality, exploring the mental as well as the physical components of individuals. If you have any interest at all in Greek life at all this is the book for you. District 69 The Greek Chronicles grabs the readers attention with the comic relief and the sexual journey’s of an individuals who are apart of Greek Life in some form.

Overlooking the funny and sexual moments in the book the author also manages to educate readers and keep them entertained with the fascinating and interesting lives of the individuals scattered throughout the plot.

My favorite part in the book was when tensions were at an all time high because trust had been broken and lines that weren’t meant to be crossed were crossed.The Main characters love life and line bother life had been intertwined into a drama filled love triangle that left me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what was going to happen next.

District 69 The Greek Chronicles is a must read showing a glimpse in the life of an individuals trying to become apart of something that is bigger than themselves while at the same time showcasing the trials and tribulations faced along their journey.” – Stanley


Simplicity, emotions, uncensored truth, and dealings of allure; are all present in this poetic compilation. A Poetic Exhale, is a collection of poems that pulls back the levels of one individual with vulnerability and transparency. This poetic biography takes you through the various transitions of love, sex, various types of relationships, self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-love. There is no blueprint or universal directives on how to maneuver through life. Often times we depend on our intuition and life experiences. We make mistakes quite often. We fall, we get up. Mistakes and trials provide us with lessons learned and in turn we become stronger. A Poetic Exhale, is a unique poetic take on life and matters of the heart that provides a look into the bare naked soul of Ra’Mone Marquis. Expect all emotions to be tapped into. Expect entertainment and enticement. Expect motivation and answered questions. This is a poetic journey that is purely therapeutic, necessary, and unapologetic.

“When I sat down to read this book I had no idea that that I would be taken on a journey of NEW levels! Ra’Mone is a great author of fiction but his pen amazed me as he let loose a plethora of Love, Lies, Pain & Pleasure. The poems flow so well and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store!!!” – Indie


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