A Poetic Exhale

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Simplicity, emotions, uncensored truth, and dealings of allure; are all present in this poetic compilation. A Poetic Exhale, is a collection of poems that pulls back the levels of one individual with vulnerability and transparency. This poetic biography takes you through the various transitions of love, sex, various types of relationships, self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-love. There is no blueprint or universal directives on how to maneuver through life. Often times we depend on our intuition and life experiences. We make mistakes quite often. We fall, we get up. Mistakes and trials provide us with lessons learned and in turn we become stronger. A Poetic Exhale, is a unique poetic take on life and matters of the heart that provides a look into the bare naked soul of Ra’Mone Marquis. Expect all emotions to be tapped into. Expect entertainment and enticement. Expect motivation and answered questions. This is a poetic journey that is purely therapeutic, necessary, and unapologetic.

Embark on a literary journey with Ra’Mone Marquis.